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'Le N°01' Black. Card Holder.

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Stitch-less Leather Card Holder.

Never forget your essentials with our Le N°01 Black Card Holder. Fine Italian leather shapes this classic origami-styled cardholder. Its compact size and mindful design eliminate bulk and discomfort, providing a streamlined appearance that barely makes a dent in your pocket, yet makes a statement nonetheless. First of its kind to include a pull tab and outside card pockets with easy access. In addition, it features a snap closure for keeping items stored inside the inner pocket secured - perfect for your day-to-day


Front pocket for up to 2 cards.
Back pocket for up to 2 cards.
Inside pocket presents a pull tab for cards & a couple of folded bill notes


75 x 95 mm

Our Minimalist Origami Leather Card Holder is delicately handmade with the utmost intricacy for your sophistication. Over its refined appearance, it will no doubt hold your cards perfectly!

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