It starts with an idea, which transforms into many sketches and prototypes.

The Process

I think obsesively about a new product idea, I start to develop the idea in my head first and once I’m convinced that something interesting can come out I put it on paper.

Drawing the ideas is the fastest way to understand the basic shapes and functions of the product which allows me to decide whether or not to move forward to test.

Before I use the leather for prototyping, I make different versions using thick paper stock. This way I can test all the folds and locks and get a feel for the product. This also help avoid wasting material.

Each piece is meticulously sketched before being carefully crafted. We go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that every design is functional, durable and most importantly stylish. Using premium quality vegetable-tanned leather, the natural properties of our accessories shine through in it’s timeless personality. The more you use it, the more it ages and the more authentic to you it becomes.