I returned with a bunch of leather on my back and my head full of Ideas!

The Story

My vision to elevate everyday carry began in 2019. With a deep love for leather-craft and a desire to bring something new to the table, I set out to create accessories that blended aesthetic beauty and practical functionality.

My journey took me to Tuscany, where I was inspired by the exceptional quality of the leather I encountered in local tanneries. With a backpack full of leather and a mind overflowing with ideas, I returned home ready to bring my vision to life.

After many prototypes and rounds of testing, the result was Le N˚01, a leather card holder that was a huge success on Kickstarter. I continued to channel my passion for craftsmanship into designing unique, functional leather accessories, starting with the timeless and essential wallet.

Today, I handcraft wallets and accessories that stand the test of time and make a statement. Elevate your everyday carry with Lejiled, where innovation meets timeless design.

The Brand

In the world of symbolic meaning, the lion is seen as a strong, majestic, and resilient animal. It is in this context that Lejiled emerges, creating simple origami-style leather accessories. Taking inspiration from the remarkable qualities of the lion, this brand incorporates its essence into their unique designs.

Lejiled's leather accessories represent a combination of strength and grace, just like the lion. Every piece is made with great attention to detail, showcasing simplicity and refined craftsmanship. The clean lines and precise folds in their designs reflect the artistry of origami.

Like the lion's commanding presence, the accessories go beyond mere fashion. They become symbols of personal empowerment, allowing individuals to embody their own strength and project self-confidence.

Similar to the lion's ability to adapt and endure, Lejiled's accessories are versatile and durable. Made from high-quality materials, they stand the test of time, becoming reliable companions for life's journey. These accessories symbolize resilience and encourage individuals to face challenges with unwavering determination.

Drawing from the lion's aura of leadership, our creations exude authority and sophistication. They are designed for those who want to make a statement, commanding attention with elegance. These accessories empower individuals to express their unique style confidently.

While the lion's symbolic presence is at the heart of their creations, the brand's minimalist approach ensures broad appeal. Their designs convey simplicity and refined aesthetics, resonating with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

In this realm of symbolic expression, the brand's simple origami-style leather accessories become more than just adornments. They embody the spirit of the lion, capturing its remarkable qualities and transforming them into wearable art. With each accessory, the brand invites wearers to embrace their own strength, exude a sense of majesty, and embark on a journey of personal empowerment