I returned with a bunch of leather on my back and my head full of Ideas!

The Story

Back in 2019 I had a vision in mind that I was looking forward to pursuing. Re-imagining the aesthetics and functionality of accessories for keeping my common everyday items safe. I always had a deep love for leather-craft and wanted to apply this passion to create relevant items which can be used for years.

So, after a trip to Italy I decided to make a detour and visit the tanneries in Tuscany where I became amazed by the quality of their leather. I returned with a bunch of leather on my back and my head full of Ideas!…Ready and excited to begin.

A little over a year later I launched my first product, the 'Le N˚01' leather card holder on a successful kickstarter campaign, and then, I began applying everything I’ve learn to design unique and functional leather accessories, starting with the humble wallet. Since then I’ve applied my love for top-tier craftsmanship and leather-craft aiming to bring something new, innovative and highly useful, handcrafting wallets and accessories you can be proud to call your own for years to come.

The Brand

Blurring together a world of different cultures from around the globe, Lejiled creates reliable, functional and unforgettable leather wallets and accessories for people looking to keep their items safe and in style. Carefully handcrafted pieces are designed to be long-lasting and make an impactful impression. This means you can use them in your day to day life and truly make your mark.